EmergencyTag as Employee Benefit

Please consider this

Every 12 minutes someone dies in a motor vehicle crash, every 10 seconds an injury occurs and every 5 seconds a crash occurs. Many of these incidents occur during the workday or during the commute to and from work. In a lot of these accidents, the employees involved are rushed to a hospital and on various occasions they are unconscious. So emergency staff is unable to know about the medical background, contact persons, etcetera. .

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Life saving can depend on crucial information

In case the life of your employee depends on some crucial information, the EmergencyTag card that you provided could be the key to successful treatment by emergency staff.
This card with QR-code could be read by all specialist involved, like FD-department, hospitals, police, you name it. Just by reading the QR code by a mobile phone, thats all.
Why wouldn't you invest on this for your employees?

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What about costs on this?

We can not put a price tag on the costs you would make if an employee suffers from an traffic or work accident. We only know that it's your concern when this happens during working hours or during commute.
But we can quote you on the costs involved in helping to prevent costs on liability as employer. The presence of an Emergytag card could help in that.
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