Why would you use an emergency tag?
Now including Covid-19 status !

You could end up in an emergency situation any day and any minute

And every second counts

Just scanning the QR-tag will provide medical staff with instant information on your medical background. Exposure of more detailed info can be controlled by your settings.

  • General medical profile instantly available
  • Detailed information on dossiers (access code by ICE contacts)
  • What medicines, allergies or critical diseases
  • All personal/medical information is stored strongly encrypted
Check out what emergency staff could see

As casualty, you're probably not able to pass detailed medical info

You are in control on what info will be available

You don't want everybody to check into details of your medical dossiers. But you DO want a medic specialist to know instantly what your critical diseases are.
You can manage your published information and for which information an extra pincode is needed.
For that extra pincode you can provide your ICE contacts with a pincode which they may provide when called by an ER specialist for more info.

  • Fully customisable
  • Restricted access to detailed information
  • ICE contacts can provice pincode to unlock in-depth info
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What's 50 bucks a year if your life is at risk?

Your life insurance policy will be much more costly.

While your life insurance company cares about not having to open your dossier for economic reasons, we at emergencytag.org care about not opening the life insurance dossier at all.
And while the life insurance will cost you hundreds of dollars annualy (probably more), the emergencytag account will cost just a fraction of it. And it can actally help surviving the worst case scenario.

  • Just a small amount annualy
  • Easy payable by creditcard or paypal
  • The best investment with probably more revenue (what your life worth?)
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When you loose everything that you worked hard for and your insurance company requires 'some papers'

You'll have it all online in your digital vault

Puchase papers, invoices, letters of credit, ownership contracts, warrant, certificates, etcetera.
Documents, photos, notes and all other stuff you need to keep save.
All your documents, photos, scan etc are stored strongly encrypted, so privacy and safety are key here.

  • All your paperwork online in your own digital vault
  • Documents, scans and photos
  • All stored as strongly encrypted files

Trusted by Thousands

I have never been taken to ER in my life, but if it happens, I would like to survive. I tested the QR-tag with the camera of my iPhone and I'm pretty sure that in any case of emergency the doctors will be pleased with the information provided.
Brenda Huttington

As ER specialist I experience, on a daily basis, that having the right medical status is crucial in the first hour of a patients recovery. We use tablets in our ER so using the emergencytag is a piece of sweet cake.
Please make everybody aware of this service...
Peter O'Brien

The one time I was rushed to a hosptial, my wife was with me. She informed the doctors on my cardiac history. That info appeared to be crucial for my treatment and recovery. I can only imagine what would have happened if she wasn't there at the time.
Robert Vandorn


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